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There are active senior living communities all over the place that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors. Retirement is the chance for many of these seniors to participate in activities that they enjoy that they may not have been able to find time for otherwise.
According to several senior housing surveys, many residents claimed that they wanted to participate in exercise and yoga classes, wanted to go on more hikes and walks, and even wanted to participate in swimming and water aerobics classes.
Other activities that were mentioned included trips to the museum or participating in other cultural events, movie nights, singles meet and greets and mixers, arts and crafts, and restaurant outings.
To make some of these activities possible, several active living communities will actually offer transportation to and from some of these events to make it that much easier for the senior to continue to partake in and enjoy a very active lifestyle.
Staying active and alert in retirement can prove to be beneficial in several different ways including helping combat the chance of social isolation, improves your overall level of fitness and physical health, and can even help improve your overall emotional and mental health because it can reduce stress and elevate your mood.


Walking and Hiking


Walking and hiking is an activity that can be done every single day and can provide you with a chance to meditate and relax. It is also great exercise and gets you out of your home and offers you the chance to see nature and even meet new people.




Gardening is another activity many seniors find enjoyable and awards you with the opportunity to be independent while also getting outside to enjoy the weather. You will also have fresh fruits and vegetables at your disposal to enjoy.
Participating in any senior living activities after retirement will be beneficial to both the body and mind and will keep you healthy, active, and independent. Also, what better time than now to do all the things you couldn’t find the time to do before?

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